Daling DL-1636 High Performance Professional Clipper For Men With LCD Display


  • Model: Dl-1636
  • Battery: Lithium
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Usage Time: Up to 180 Minutes on Full Charge
  • Blades: Rustproof, High-Precision, Chrome-Plated
  • Blade Type: T-Blade
  • Power: DC 5V 1A 5W

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Introducing the Daling DL-1636 Professional Hair Clipper with LCD Display, the perfect tool for all your grooming needs. Designed specifically for men, this high-quality clipper excels in trimming, grooming, and clipping hair. The intuitive LCD display provides easy monitoring of battery life and usage time, ensuring you’re always prepared for a grooming session.
Featuring a high-performance T-Blade, this clipper offers precision and durability for a clean, professional cut every time. The sleek design combines a modern aesthetic with a durable build, making it a stylish and long-lasting addition to any grooming kit. With a 2-level adjustment, it provides customizable trimming lengths for versatile grooming.
Powered by a lithium battery, it delivers up to 180 minutes of usage time on a full charge, with a quick 2-hour charging period. The charging indicator keeps you informed of the charging status at all times. Rustproof, high-precision blades ensure a consistently sharp and hygienic cutting experience.
Trust the Daling DL-1636 Professional Hair Clipper for all your hair care needs and elevate your grooming routine with its exceptional performance and reliability.

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