Folding Wired Selfie Stick Handheld Monopod Extendable Mini Mobile Phone Stick


  • Stretch length: folded 18CM, pulled up to 78CM
  • Support system >=for Android4.3 >=for iOS5.0
  • Rubber Grip – Yes mat finish grip
  • Material – ABS plastic and Steel
  • Connection Type – AUX Cable
  • Weight – 120 g

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1.Wired-control plug & shoot, Universal, padded mount safely holds smartphones, Expandable Selfie Stick, Non-corrosive stainless steel monopod.
2.The silicone handle is non-slip, allowing the self-timer to hold the handle firmly to prevent the phone from falling.
3.The color of the bottom of the handle is dotted to make the selfie stick more stylish and beautiful.

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