Manufacturing of Camel Skin Lamp
The manufacture of Camel Skin Lamps is a handmade work, that has been skillful in Multan for almost a millennium! There are lot of families and professional in the city of saint, who have been in this industry for centuries.
Camel skin lamps
manufacture in Multan is well-known across the globe for the complex handwork, done on them by skillful artist. The art of decorating a camel skin Lamp is known as NAQASHI, in the verbal communication locally and is a very valuable handicraft skills.

The special paintings made on the camel skin lamps that are permanent at the lamps symbolize the local traditions of Multan city. The art, the designs, the floral, the colors, all bonds with the local customs in Multan.

Camel skin lamps handmade from Multan and exported to different countries of the world and have therefore earned a lot of recognition and honor for the ancient city of saint and the country.
Making of Camel Skin Lamps: Team Work Scope

Making camel skin lamps is the joint effort of three separate skilled workers in their individual skills capability.

One is the CLAYMAN.
Second is the NAQASH.
Third is the DABGAR.

Each of above three skilled persons works in unanimously to manufacture complex camel skin lamps in Multan.
“CHOLISTAN” Desert as the Supplier of Camel Skin Lamps
Camels can be found without difficulty in areas in the neighborhood of Multan since Multan is sited very close to the desert. The Cholistan desert of Punjab is located near to Multan where Camels are used as life’s routine matter by the local people of tribe specifically for travelling, for transportation and other purposes. Consequently, the main raw material for this art is the camel skin, which is easily available in Multan.

Since Cholistan desert is a very dry area, so there is occurrence of camels dying from thirst. Its fact that Camels have a natural aptitude to absorb water for longtime in their bodies even in the hottest summer season.

When a camel dies, it is still worthy for owner as he can sell its skin and earn a good income out of its sale. This is a bit alike to goatskin, cow skin that is sold frequently in Pakistan. And owner of goat, cows, buffalos earn excellent profit from their skins.
Manufacturing Process of Camel Skin for Lamps

Camel skin is initially processed for cleaning removes all hair from skin and then washed it with chemical. To make sure its hygiene from all kinds of undesirable stuffs such as flesh particles.
Once cleaning process is done that quite a few layers of camel leather are detached from it so that theskin becomes transparent. Because lamps should be enough transparent and so it must allow pleasant light effect to pass through.
Then finally, the camel skin is set on top of a different shape of bases, made of clayand then makes it dry in the sunshine.
Now artist turn make (NAQASHI) artistic work to use a die to decide the shape they have it in mind to give to the skin.
After all, they coat the skinwith traditional colors, floral, or pictures depicting the culture of Multan. Work of art of the camel skin is in all probability the mainly complex step in the process, fairly speaking. This is because it is extremely intricate in its character as the designs on the camel skin. This means that additional concern has to be taken in the scheming, designing and the painting of the camel skin lamps.

A lot of consideration is required to make sure that mistakes do not happen in the crafty of the camel skin or the painting over lamps. The eyes of the (NAQASH) Artist also take a toll as he performs his art on single lamp after the other.

In adding up to the camel skin being used for making lamps, other small handicrafts such as camel skin vases and lamps als

o have a high demand with buyers.
Robust and Long Life Camel Skin Lamps
The camel skin lamps are extremely long-life, buyers can pledge themselves that they can basically last for a lifetime. The camel skin lamps are estimated to be of service for among fifty to hundred years. The lamps would need varnishing at different time as to preserve their attractiveness and shine however.
Exporting Internationally
Though, the export of camel skin lamps made in Multan continues as they are well-liked and esteemed the world over, courteousness of their beauty and the hard handmade work put into them. There is a vast demand for camel skin lamps made in Multan in the gulf countries as well as in Europe, UK, CANADA and America.

In the USA, camel skin lamps are sold for as much as six hundred 600 USD. However, there are a lot of different variety and each lamp has a different price, some are available in much cheaper rates as well.
Shopping Online for Multan Hand-Made Camel Skin Lamps
The camel skin lamps are sold online worldwide as well such as on and among other websites to fans of this art.

In Pakistan, these piece of arts are also sold in handicraft shops in several parts of the country.

For natives of Multan, the camel skin lamps can be purchased at comparatively cheap rates directly from the manufacturers of the lamps as the art is local to the city.

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