Red Floral Bottle Shape Table Lamp Camel Skin Handmade Pair

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This beautiful pair of Red Floral Bottle Shape Table Lamps are sure to add a unique touch to any room. Handcrafted with camel skin, these distinctive lamps offer a modern take on a traditional Middle Eastern design. This beautiful lamp is great for any room. It has a red floral design on a beige camel skin shade that looks interesting.

The lamps have a special bottle design and a thin, curved stem. The tapered shades are , so the light points down. The shades have textured fabric and last long. They give a soft light to the area. The bulbs can easily be reached from outside the shade and an adjustable cord can also be used to provide additional height if desired.

The base of the lamps is crafted from solid wood and is finished with a warm brown finish to add to its rustic appeal. The solid wood construction ensures that the lamps are strong and supportive enough for long-term, everyday use. The sturdy construction also prevents the lamps from tipping over or shaking while in use. Additionally, a rubber base on the bottom of the lamp prevents it from slipping or sliding when placed on surfaces.

These unique red floral bottle-shape table lamps are both an aesthetic and practical addition to any home decor. Whether you are looking for a classic or modern look, these lamps will provide just the right amount of illumination to a room. Not only stylish, these crafted lamps are to be durable and are sure to last you for many years to come.

With its unique and beautiful design, the Red Floral Bottle Shape Table Lamp Camel Skin Handmade Pair is a must-have for any home decor enthusiast. Whether you are looking for a warm and cozy glow in a living room or a subtle lighting accent in a bedroom, this pair of lamps is sure to bring your desired atmosphere to your living space.

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  • Corded Electric
  • Pure Handmade
  • Multani Products
  • Side Table Decoration
  • Multi Color
  • Without Bulb

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