Wall Lamp Made with Camel Skin Pure Handmade from Multan

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  • Corded Electric
  • Pure Handmade
  • Multani Products
  • Side Table Decoration
  • Multi Color
  • Without Bulb
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Wall Lamp Made with Camel Skin Pure Handmade from Multan

Introducing a one-of-a-kind handmade wall lamp made with real camel skin from Multan, Pakistan. This lamp is unique and crafted by skilled artisans. It is sure to become an eye-catching modern addition to any room in your home.

The lamp is made with soft, supple but durable camel skin that has been hand cut and hand sewn to create an intricate design. The skin is dyed to achieve a stunning deep golden color with hints of bronze and bronze-green reflecting off of the light. The wall light is accented with a brass frame and fittings to add a touch of elegance and modern style.

This lamp offers both a warm and calming ambiance when lit. The light emitted is soft and diffused, warming up the room with its soothing glow. The golden tones create a beautiful effect that will add an exotic decorative touch to any room.

This wall light is a perfect gift idea for the person who loves unique and handmade pieces. It can also be enjoyed as a statement piece to add a touch of luxury to any wall. The lamp can be easily installed to a wall or a ceiling as it comes with all the required fittings.

This wall lamp made with camel skin from Multan is a unique and stylish piece that can be enjoyed for many years. It is a rare item, crafted with skill and care. It is sure to become a valued modern accent in your home.

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